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FiLTH was created by friends to offer a social atmosphere for people with a little less gaming time on their hands, but at the same time want to gain some progression in the game. After 2 years of raiding on Frostmane and the population dying, 20 of us transferred to Silvermoon and brought FiLTH along with us. We want to offer our members a relaxed atmosphere in game and on Teamspeak 3.

Offering three to four nights a week raiding with progression, relaxed but fully focused on the boss in hand. Pushing and killing content in the time frame allocated. In addition to raiding we enjoy PVP, one night a week RBGs for cap but nothing hardcore. We also want to cover old content as a guild, achievement runs, mount runs and content people may have missed.

If you’re looking for a solid raiding guild along with a great community, FiLTH is for you.

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