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re: Guild rules


1. Insults/Verbal harassment
•    General swearing is fine in moderation
•    Words that are in poor taste are not allowed

2. Ninjaing and drama
•    Don’t ninja loot, troll or be elitist while in our guild
(If you have a problem, tell an officer. We will sit you both down and work it out like adults. Otherwise you may face removal from the guild)

3. Crafting and valuable items
•    No begging
•    If you have extra things, offer them
•    Provide mats to a guild member, the crafting is free

4. Promotions and leadership
•    There is a Raid Leader and a Guild Master for a reason
•    Promotions will be given when leaders see fit (So don't ask)
•    Feel free to contribute and add suggestions about anything that involves the guild
•    BUT do it at the right time and in the right way: Wait for a time to talk, don’t cut other people off, ask politely to add a suggestion, explain yourself clearly

5. Signing for raids
•    Sign up if you are available
•    If you might be late or possible can’t attend, sign as TENTATIVE, tell an officer in WhatsApp or in game
•    Not notifying an officer that you won’t be attending a raid will result in you possible being demoted 1 rank down
•    Raid invites start 15 minutes before the Calendar raid time, be in game and in TS

6. Raiding
•    TS3 is REQUIRED for current content
•    Have a working microphone
•    Install the mods we ask you to install
•    Read guides and watch videos
•    Always bring your MAIN character to raid unless told otherwise
•    Max enchants and gems on gear
•    We use Master Loot in raid, so don’t pug ANY current raid content
•    If you disagree with the Raid Leader about a tactic, say something in a respectful manner
•    If you want to suggest a tactic, go ahead
•    Once at Trail rank, get into WhatsApp so we can discuss guild/wow
•    If you are found to be locked in ANY current raid content you will be loot banned for 2 resets. If you don’t attend raid for those 2 weeks, you will be kicked
•    If you want to switch classes or specs then you must talk to an officer

If you are confused about what you can or cannot pug, consult this chart: Pugging Flow Chart

7. Guild bank
•    Guild Donations are welcome and appreciated
•    We use a mod called Guild Donation. The average is 5% (/gd 5), higher is fine and appreciated

8. Alts/Friends and Family guild invites
•    Alts / friends and family are welcome to the guild (As Socials)
•    Put whose friend they are in their note to avoid confusion
•    If they want to join raids they must apply on the forums
•    You are responsible for them if you invite them, make sure they know the guild rules

9. Sense of humour
•    Fun is at our core
•    Joking and playful teasing is all part of being a member
•    Raid is not the time or place for trolling

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